Nice AMBULANCE, Vintage Tin Litho Toy Car, Friction Powered, Siren & Moving Lights, Mint in box

$ 45.00

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Very Nice Vintage Friction Powered AMBULANCE toy car. White with Blue lettering and red cross symbol. Almost 7" long and 2 3/4+" wide. "Mint" in box, Stated Made in Korea on box.

▲ "LIKE NEW" CONDITION with minor signs of wear from age, being handled and decades of storage & display. You can play with it as intended but it's more of a "shelf piece"

▲ Box states "Siren & Moving Warning Lights" Well...kinda. It's maybe a siren technically but it's produced by the friction "motor" The moving warning lights, well again, kinda. The lights do not actually light up and one of the red filters has popped out and is missing. The moving aspect is accomplished by having thin rods attached to the motor that pop through the front seats and up and through the car roof and into the lights (one is disconnected) so when the vehicle is revved up they kinda move.

▲Box is very nice with a nice vivid color illustration of the ambulance but it's that thinner "cheaper" Asian cardboard and one of the sides of the top cover has a tear in it.

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