1968 Aurora Slot Car Postage Stamp GREYHOUND Bus System FALLER Model Railroad Tain Accessory

$ 175.00

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Very nice and complete Aurora "Postage Stamp" Slot Car system that was designed to be used with and complement all Micro (N) Guage train sets.

Box is very nice but shows slight damage from being exposed to moisture in the air over the years from being stored improperly. Still it remains a good bright and colorful shelf piece.

Everything looks good, especially the bus and I see no rust or damage anyhere. Whether it works or not is not my expertise and as always being sold "as found" in original condition.

According to the Railroad Guide ( see:

http://www.guidetozscale.com/html/postage_stamp_bus.html )

"Like many other items in the Aurora Plastics model train product line of the late 1960’s, the Postage Stamp Bus System was manufactured by Faller of Germany and marketed in the North American market by Aurora. The Aurora packaging notes only that it was manufactured in “W. Germany”. The track and other items do not bear any identifying marks, but Mr. E. Louis Meerloo of Emmen, Netherlands observes that it was manufactured by Faller. This is borne out only after extensive examination of the Postage Stamp Bus items, after which you will only find that the electric motor of the buses is marked “Faller”.

"The Postage Stamp bus system was also designed so that a second speed controller and bus could be added, with each individually controlled without further wiring. The second controller was simply connected to the vacant connector of the terminal track. The bus had an internal jumper which was changed and that was it."