Pricing Policy

Thank you for your interest. Let's explain NEET STUFF's pricing policy...

The prices you see listed are FIRM, but not set in stone. Of course we will always entertain counter offers but YOU must make the offer! We will not negotiate against ourselves- so please, if you are as serious and sincere about this, as we are, then simply get back to us with a legitimate offer after reading the following: 

With more than 40 years in business selling Vintage Comics and other fine Pop Culture collectibles we pride ourselves on pricing items accurately and sincerely.

All items listed by us are AS FOUND/AS IS and the price we have established already reflects any defects or issues. Likewise any item we feel is uniquely superior or in amazing condition will also be taken into consideration and may result in a premium price.

We DO NOT repair or "restore" items and if there is any cosmetic action beyond common, standard and accepted behavior on our part to the item it will be described in the listing. Please take particular note of images we supply- they too are accurate and nothing is done to enhance or disguise the item. You can always request additional images.

Prices listed here are RETAIL PRICES and are based mostly on our long history and expertise. Of course we use many reference tools: price guides, research on more than one website, we monitor market trends and influences and other factors to arrive at what we believe to be reasonable and accurate prices.  There is nothing to force you into buying from us. If you feel our prices are not reasonable please remember that there are literally hundreds of other stores & sites selling vintage collectibles that you can visit and buy from instead.

Items that have just recently been listed are not open to negotiation. If they linger for several months or more than, yes, probably, get back to us with a sincere offer bearing in mind that we are a vintage shop and, unlike traditional businesses, our inventory does not depreciate with time! Quite the opposite, in fact, it continuously accrues "value" with time.  Like water it only seeks to find its own level.

We do not offer discounts on purchases that are on lay-away. We can not take items "down" and place them on "hold" and offer a discount on what is essentially an extra service. For extra work it is actually logical to add a service fee that we don't do.  It's not fair to the shop and not fair to other buyers who are ready to buy.

Our LAY-AWAY policy is one third of the total purchase amount as a deposit due immediately and 30 days to pay off the balance. Failure to follow through in any way with whatever we have negotiated with you may cause us to cancel the transaction and may result in forfeiting any deposits or payments made. Of course we understand that things happen... so, if after we have agreed on the payment method and time frame established and you find you can not meet your obligation YOU MUST GET IN TOUCH WITH US IMMEDIATELY with a reasonable explanation. 

Thank you, truly, for your interest and hope we can do business together in the future.

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