A Child's Introduction to OUTER SPACE Willy Ley 1959 "Meet Space Pilot Jones" Jim Timmens Childrens Kids 33 1/3 RPM 12" Album Golden Records

$ 49.95

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A Child's Introduction to OUTER SPACE GLP 46
Scientic Advisor: Willy Ley
Featuring the Satellite Singers
Music by Jim Timmens
Book & Lyrics by William Kay
Dramatic Portions by Hamilton O'Hara & Charles Dobson
Lable: Golden Records 1959

One of the many many products brought out to indoctrinate the youth and prepare them for the coming "Space Age" Typical subjects like The Story of the Planets, A Journey to the Moon, With a Great Big Noise like Thunder, Big TV Show from the Sky, Man in Space, Flight to Mars and many more including what seems to have been some kind of minor "hit" because it appears on several contemporary "science fiction" CD collections...you can even hear a bit of it here:

"Meet Space Pilot Jones" by Jim Timmens (scroll down)


BEAUTIFUL! VERY GOOD with the usual associated softness and wear from being handled, read and stored. Nice & solid. Record itself has been played but I would rate the condition at least an 8. Looks great.

Kindly refer to scanned images they are accurate representations.