SPACE MYSTERIES #1, 1958, Journey into Unknown Worlds, Marvel Atlas Comics, Russ Heath, I.W. Publications, Super Comics, A Top Quality Comic

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By Russ Heath
Publisher: I.W. Publications - Super Comics 1958 A Top Quality Comic

Reprinting stories from Journey into Unknown Worlds #4 1951 Marvel Comics Atlas Comics
Data courtesy of the Grand Comics Database under Creative Commons license
"Return from Mars" by Russ Heath
"The Man in the Crowd"
"The Witch Doctor" (2 pages Text Story)
"The Lost Land"
Script by Stan Lee?
"The Train to Nowhere"
Script by Hank Chapman
"The Man with the Bear’s Feet (1 page)

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I.W. Publications (also known as Super Comics) was a short-lived comic book publisher in the late 1950s and early 1960s. The company was part of I.W. Enterprises and named for the company's owner Israel Waldman. I.W. Publications was notable for publishing unauthorized reprints of other publishers' properties. Usually these companies were already out of business — but not always.

I.W. Publications published comics in a wide variety of genres including crime science fiction Western horror war and romance comics as well as funny animal and superhero titles. The company was known for its low-budget products: most of I.W.'s comics were sold in grocery and discount stores often in "three comics for a quarter" plastic bags. The numbering of most of the company's titles is misleading often not starting at issue #1 and skipping issue numbers. Incredibly the company produced 118 separate titles but only 332 individual issues — many titles only published a single issue.