Battery Operated BURGER CHEF 1960s mechanical tin litho & plush toy DOG

$ 75.00

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Really cool 1960s era battery operated kinetic toy from the Golden Age of Battery Op figures.

Unfortunately this one is missing a hand as well as the little plastic "burger" the dog flips into the air. Oh well. Better than "just for parts" collectible since it's overall in very nice condition with no major wear to the metal litho short of it being played with and stored for more than half a century. Still a very nice displayable "shelf piece" until another one comes around. Especially since near mint complete examples are in the $300 and up this one is priced accordingly. Tried batteries but nothing happened, maybe my batteries are dead. But I know these can be gotten to work if your handy. Being offered "as is"

9 1/2" tall. Base is 4" X 6".