WONDER WOMAN #15, December 1945, DC Comics Golden Age, Gal Gadot, William Moulton Marston,H G Peters,Original feminist Superhero comic

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December 1945
Publisher: National Periodical Publications NPP DC Comics

By William Moulton Marston with artwork by H.G. PETERS

"THE STORY OF EVANGELINE BOOTH" the founder of the Salvation Army, a part of the "Wonder Women of History" series.

VERY GOOD CONDITION, with the usual surface wear & rubbing to covers from book being handled, read, displayed and stored. Softness to corners and edges. At some point there was some exposure to moisture causing some oxidation to staples, Fauxing inside throughout near spine. Visible but minor water mark on back cover at bottom right. Several tiny tears to front and back cover at edges. About an inch and a half tear at bottom of spine about an inch below staple. A couple of feint creases across cover in the "WOMAN" part of the logo.


Please refer to scanned images- they are accurate and have not been edited or corrected and, as always, are worth at least a thousand words.

The Tigeapes of Neptunia: Part 1: The First Battle of Neptunia Script: Joye Hummel [as Charles Moulton] Pencils: Harry G. Peter [as H. G. Peter] Inks: Harry G. Peter

Like the God Neptune (Poseidon), the Neptunias are masters of water-- they build their cities from crystallized water, and turn men to robots by extracting salt from their bodies.

The U.S. President, presumably Harry S. Truman, is shown from behind, unnamed.
The Story of Evangeline Booth(Table of Contents) Wonder Women of History / Script: Alice Marble Pencils: Alfonso Greene Inks: Alfonso Greene

Evangeline Booth was the daughter of William and Catherine Booth, who founded the Salvation Army and she was still alive at the time this story was published (1945).References to the Armenian Genocide of 1896, and the San Francisco earthquake of 1906.

The Tigeapes of Neptunia: Part 2: The Masters of the Water
Script: Joye Hummel [as Charles Moulton] Pencils: Harry G. Peter Inks: Harry G. Peter [as H. G. Peter]

The Tigeapes of Neptunia: Part 3: In the Killer's Cage Script: Joye Hummel [as Charles Moulton] Pencils: Harry G. Peter [as H. G. Peter]
Inks: Harry G. Peter [as H. G. Peter]
Wonder Woman [Diana Prince]; Captain Brown; the President of the United States; General Darnell; Etta Candy; the Holliday Girls; Steve Trevor; several tigeapes; the mechanos; Soldar (villain, Neptunian Marshall, introduction); The Great Solo (villain); The Masters of Neptunia [Stalthon; others un-named]
Synopsis: Suspecting subterfuge on Neptunia, Wonder Woman and Etta dress as tigeapes to investigate, only to learn the plot is greater than they could have imagined: the Masters plan to have the Earth forced from its orbit and taken to Neptune as a moon.

Above information via the indispensable Grand Comic Book Database

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