STACKED DECKS, Art & History of Pin-Up Playing Cards,

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The Rotenberg Collection
Publisher: Quirk Books, 2007

First Printing Hardcover Pin Up book
192 pages. Used - LIKE NEW, Dust jacket shows some very light wear from being held, read and stored. A nice bright tight clean copy.

The Rotenberg Collection is one of the world's largest archives of vintage erotica, with more than 20,000 erotic playing cards in its holdings and Stacked Decks highlights the best of the best.
Within these pages, readers will discover illustrated cards dating back to 1835, dazzling pin-up portraits from renowned artists such as Gil Elvgren, cards with instructions for promoting a healthy marriage, oversized cards, miniature cards, round cards, square cards, and comic cards. There are cards from Sweden, France, and the United Kingdom; cards from Africa to Asia and beyond.
And of course, there are women. There are models, flappers, and strippers; there are blondes, brunettes, and redheads. There are women holding guns. Women in sports cars. Women wearing sombreros and pith helmets. Women encountering large exotic animals. Women reclining on shag carpets. Women dressed like Eskimos. Women posing in ways that defy description you simply have to see for yourself.