FANGORIA #1, GODZILLA, RARE Autographed signed by 50 Horror, S-F Superstars, Chris Lee, Elvira, George A. Romero, Bruce Campbell, Living Dead

$ 1,500.00

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Fangoria #1 Published Aug 1979 by O'Quinn Studios Published by the folks from Starlog Magazine 1st Series Includes still attached Foldout Godzilla Poster. CONTENTS: Articles about Dr. Who, The Amityville Horror. Battlestar Galactica. Twenty-five Years with Godzilla. Tom Savini on makeup techniques. Early preview of Ridley Scott's Alien. The Creature from the Black Lagoon retrospective. an with Christopher Lee interview. ONE OF A KIND ITEM! USED/AS FOUND CONDITION: FINE/VERY FINE. Outstanding condition! Even after being handled by so many hands. There is only slight wear overall to magazine from age, being handled, stored and displayed. Very minor stress to spine. The best thing is that this magazine can continue to be brought to Horror and Science Fiction Conventions to get even more autographs. A collectible that can grow and grow. Signed in person by....50 OR SO CELEBRITIES (That's at least $2000 in autographs at todays signing charges) and without time, travel expenses and ticket prices! Signed mostly at NY/NJ local horror cons like CHILLER THEATRE FRONT COVER GEORGE A. ROMERO LINDA BLAIR DOUG BRADLEY - PINHEAD- HELLRAISER DICK WARLOCH - MICHAEL MYERS - HALLOWEEN MICHAEL BERRYMAN - HILLS HAVE EYES GUNNAR HANSEN -LEATHERFACE -TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE etc. CONTENTS PAGE CAROLINE MUNRO TRACI (ELIZABETH) LORDS LINNEA QUIGLEY BRINKE STEVENS SARAH YORK BETSY BAKER And many more PAGE 17 CHRISTOPHER LEE ARTICLE: CHRISTOPHER LEE VERONICA CARLSON INGRID PITT PAGE 20 THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON: BEN CHAPMAN JULIA ADAMS PAGE 62 MONSTER INVASION ELVIRA BACK COVER BUCK ROGERS: GIL GERARD ERIN GRAY NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD CAST: JOHN RUSSO KYRA SCHON MARILYN EASTMAN PHIL HINZMAN RUSS STEINER KARL HARDMAN BILL V AGINGMAN DAWN OF THE DEAD CAST: TOM SAVINI MAKEUP ARTIST KEN FORREE - PETER DAVID EARLY - Sidney Berman (TV Commentator) LEONARD LIES - MACHETE ZOMBIE SCOTT REINIGER - ROGER NICK TALLO - BOMBA DAVID EMGE - FLYBOY JIM KRUT - FLATHEAD (Helicopter Blade Zombie) TONY BUBA - BLOOD PRESSURE BIKER EVIL DEAD CAST: BRUCE CAMPBELL BETSY BAKER ELLEN SANDWEISE THERSA TILLY AND OTHERS LIKE... REGGIE BANNISTER TED V. MIKELS TIM SULLIVAN BEN MODNEY RENOLD MONDEN etc Next generation Monster Magazine, Fangoria basically took the lead over established originally by Famous Monsters of Filmland (1958). Devoted to Classic monsters, aliens, creepy creatures etc. It embraced and introduced many fans to the more graphic SLASHER- SPLATTER- GIALLO films that were emerging as the dominant genres. Benefiting from "slick paper" and full color sections more like the general professional pictorial news magazines of the time.