RARE CAPTAIN MARVEL #1, Giant Action Issue 1966, Roger Elwood, Leon Francho, Myron Fass, M. F. Enterprises

$ 125.00

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"Giant Action Issue" 25 cent cover price
By Roger Elwood Leon Francho
Publisher: Myron Fass - M. F. Enterprises

EXTREMELY HARD TO FIND SUPERHERO COMIC...especially in this condition!

Captain Marvel was a superhero published by Myron Fass' short-lived M. F. Enterprises. The character is unrelated to those published by Fawcett Comics DC Comics or Marvel Comics and only appeared in a few comics in the late 1960s before legal challenges shut down the publisher

But you must understand that this comic book character was and remains the goofiest silliest and absurd notion for a superhero probably ever concocted. The stupidity obscurity and scarceness only adds to its disproportionate myth and true CULT status. See more below description for an overview.

▲ LIKE NEW VERY FINE CONDITION with the usual surface wear & slight rubbing to covers from book being handled read and stored.

▲ Please refer to scanned images- they are accurate and have not been edited or corrected and as always are worth at least a thousand words.

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Captain Marvel was a jet-booted and laser-eyed alien android powered by an "M"-emblemed medallion who had been sent to Earth by his creators to escape the atomic destruction of their war-ravaged planet.

Vowing to protect the peace of his new home the self-proclaimed "Human Robot" took the secret identity of journalist turned Dartmoor University professor Roger Winkle in the city of Riverview USA where he lived with his young ward Billy Baxton the first person he met when he arrived on Earth and the only one who knew his true origins.

With his superhuman strength speed and senses (including something called "radar-hearing") and the ability to fly thanks to his jet-heeled Astro-Boots that enabled him to hurl through sky and space at fantastic speeds. [wiki]

His super-durable robotic body was equipped with advanced alien technology that among other things allowed him to generate force fields and sonic blasts and to shoot metal-melting laser beams out of his eyes. He also had a super-intelligent computer brain programmed with the scientific knowledge of two worlds that could alter his internal mechanisms to do anything from breath underwater to travel through time.

Captain Marvel's signature ability however was the power to detach his head limbs and hands and send them flying off in all directions whenever he shouted "Split!" and reattach them when he shouted "Xam!"