HERBIE Popnecker 5, October 1964, Fan Favorite Super-Hero, ACG Comics, Richard Hughes, Ogden Whitney, American Comic Group

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HERBIE The Fat Fury #5 October, 1964
By Richard Hughes, Ogden Whitney
Publisher: American Comic Group ACG 

CONTENTS: Sahib Herbie; Herbie, Boy Beetle   

▲ VERY GOOD+++/-FINE CONDITION, with the usual surface wear & slight rubbing to covers from book being handled, read and stored. 

▲ Please refer to scanned images- they are accurate and have not been edited or corrected and, as always, are worth at least a thousand words.

No body shaming this one, quite the opposite, this supremely super superhero was, and remains one of the most beloved characters in comic history. Goofy. Silly! Absurd! Charming and pretty funny...Sadly, now almost forgotten & growing obscure. They sure don't make 'em like this anymore.

Herbie Comics received the Alley Award for Best Humor Comic Book 1964 and 1965. The Herbie Archives received the Eisner Award for Best Humor Publication in 2009.

Herbie Popnecker is a fictional comic book character that first appeared in Forbidden Worlds #73 in December 1958, published by American Comics Group. He was created by Richard E. Hughes (using the pseudonym "Shane O'Shea") and Ogden Whitney.

Herbie is an antithetical hero: short, obese, unstylish, and young. Deriving some of his powers from genetics and some from magical lollipops from "the Unknown", Herbie can talk to animals and sometimes even inanimate objects (who all know him by name), fly at high enough speeds to quickly travel to other galaxies (by walking through the sky), become invisible, cast spells and summon spirits from other dimensions, quickly dispatch his enemies with apparent ease, and (once he got his own title) travel through time. Herbie is emotionless, terse, irresistible to women, consulted by world leaders, nearly omnipotent, and more powerful than Satan.

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