SLEAZY SCANDALS Silver Screen, Spain, Deitch, Art Spiegelman, Osborne, Griffith, Marilyn Monroe, Liberace, Fatty Arbuckle

$ 35.00

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SLEAZY SCANDALS of the Silver Screen

By Spain Deitch Art Spiegelman Osborne Griffith

Publisher: Cartoon Co-Op Press

All the lurid stuff you crave in words in pictures

Used first printing

VERY GOOD+/-FINE CONDITION, with the usual softness, some cover dinge, surface wear & slight rubbing to covers from age & book being handled, read and stored.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This comix has a hole drilled at top right corner. We do not consider this a fault but more in the nature of PROVENANCE (from the French provenir, "to come from"), is the chronology of the ownership, custody or location of a historical object.

Most Underground Comix were sold at the time in "Head Shops" which you can imagine catered to tourists and malingerers (idler, layabout, loafer) & Street Freeks. They would "browse" and read these comix, often damaging them and usually not buy any after all. So to reduce theft aka "Liberating" and wear and tear shop owners would often drill a display copy and hang them with chains. This "mark" now denotes a copy as being an original copy once proudly displayed in some long gone now forgotten Hippie Hangout. It is more remarkable to find these copies in not distressed condition.

Please refer to scanned images- they are accurate and have not been edited or corrected and, as always, are worth at least a thousand words.

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