DAREDEVIL #98, May 1953, The Little Wise Guys, Lev Gleason Publications, Crimebuster, Charles Biro, Norman Maurer

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DAREDEVIL #98 May 1953
By Charles Biro Norman Maurer William Overgard
Publisher: Lev Gleason Publications

CONTENTS: 10 page The Little Wise Guys story "Who's Excited" by Norman Maurer (signed)
1 page Dilly Duncan of Dorset High promo (ad from the publisher) "You Haven't Seen Nuthin' Yet!"
6 page Dilly Duncan story "Gruesome the Great Lover"
2 page Crimebuster text story "Killer-At-Large"
8 page The Little Wise Guys story "The Liar" by Charles Biro & William Overgard
Half page promo (ad from the publisher) "Lev Gleason Trading Cards" of 2 planes (F-94A and B-45) to be cut out and mounted on cardboard by Alden McWilliams

DAREDEVIL is a fictional character an American comic book superhero that starred in comics from Lev Gleason Publications during the 1930s–1940s period historians and fans call the Golden Age of comic books. The character is a separate entity and unrelated to Marvel Comics' Daredevil.

The four original LITTLE WISE GUYS first appeared in Daredevil Comics #13 (Oct. 1942) and became the sidekicks of the title character. The original lineup included Scarecrow Pee Wee Jock and Meatball. Two issues later one of them—Meatball—was killed off and in issue #16 Curly was added. Basically emulating something in between The Little Rascals and the Dead End Kids or Bowery Boys series of film.

As superheroes declined in popularity Daredevil's role was gradually reduced to introducing the Wise Guys at the beginning of their stories and starting with issue #70 (January 1951) he disappeared completely; the book was still called Daredevil Comics but only the Little Wise Guys remained.

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