FILMFAX 66, 1950s,TV Pin Up Irish McCalla,Sheena,Queen of the Jungle,Sid Haig,John Frankenheimer,Alan Young, H G Wells,Time Machine, Mr. Ed,

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FilmFax The Magazine of Unusual Film & Television
Publisher: Filmfax Inc.,

Filmfax #66

Irish McCalla on Sheena, Queen of the Jungle; Christian Drake - White Hunter Bob recalls Sheena; Luma Driscoll - reclusive actress grants exclusive interview; Alan Young - from Time Machine to Mr. Ed; William Alland - Universal's SF production wizard; Marilyn Harris - Frankenstein's little flower girl; John Frankenheimer - original conspiracy theory auteur; Joyce Meadows - meets The Brain from Planet Arous; Sid Haig - the method of exploitation. Sheena cover by Harley Brown.

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