Chronicles of CORUM #5 Queen of Swords Michael Moorcock Mike Baron Butch Guice Mabden Sword Rulers & Sorcery Magick Fantasy Comic Book

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Chronicles of CORUM #8 Queen of Swords

By Michael Moorcock, Mike Baron

Artist: Butch Guice

Publisher: First Comics

The Cosmic Balance

In another age, the world was ruled by an elder race called the Sword Rulers. There were two clans, the Vadhagh and the Nhadragh, with a long history of warring between themselves. In time, they put down their weapons and lived in peace. They wielded powers and technologies that others called magic. With these they built cities in the sky and created bronze beasts that flew through the air.

Then another race arose, called Mabden—Man. They bred prodigiously and exercised a violence lost to the elder race. In time, they made war on the Sword Rulers, who themselves had forgotten warfare. The Mabden eventually laid waste to both the Nhadragh and the Vadhagh, killing any Sword Rulers they found. Only Prince Corum, who had been traveling on a mission from the Vadhagh king, survived. Briefly captured by the Mabden, he was tortured and lost both an arm and an eye. But he gained resolve—and would use it to exact revenge!


VERY GOOD+/-FINE CONDITION, with the usual surface wear & slight rubbing to covers from book being handled, read and stored.

Please refer to scanned images- they are accurate and have not been edited or corrected and, as always, are worth at least a thousand words.

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