BATMANIA BATMAN & Robin 3D 1966 Aladdin Metal Lunchbox DC Comics N.P.P. National Periodicals Publications

$ 150.00

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Nice shelf piece...

BATMAN & Robin 3-D raised/relief 1966 Aladdin Metal Lunchbox

Vintage collectible LBX from the height of BATMANIA and Pop Art!

copyrighted 1966 National Periodicals Publications aka: DC Comics

Grade C-5


A few dents here and there, visible wear at all edges. On front some rubbing on Batman's shoulder & a small bit to Robin's face. Back of box has rubbing to Robin's face and shins as well on rescued child's feet. Batman has rubbing at cape/shoulder, Bat ears in cowl, shin of right leg and left hand. Inside is ok and nice just a bit of rubbing on sides from thermos (not included)