1950s 60s, Bad Taste, Upside Down, Cute Kitchy Doll Toy Bank, LEGO#4535, Made in Japan, double entendre, Probably Politically Incorrect

$ 75.00

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Upside Down Cute Kitchy Doll Bank
Made in Japan in the 1950s through 1960s
By Lego #4535
9 1/4" Tall

"Dennis the Menace" lookalike figure.

Foil "Lego" Japan sticker on bottom. LEGO (no relation with the manufacturer of the building blocks) was a Japanese company making hundreds and hundreds of humorous kitchy figurines for export to the USA.

These Lego figures and dolls are pretty common BUT this is an unusual piece & I've seen another one like it, since it falls into the peculiar realm of something very cute but to some in "Bad Taste" Since the object of this bank is to open the little boys fly/zipper and slip the coins and bills inside. Actually, come to think of it, it's probably more off putting now then when it was first made like those decanters, etc of little boys peeing... Oh well...

Condition is VERY GOOD+++ Zipper in good working order with obvious signs of age and wear from age, being handled and decades of storage & display. No chips or cracks. Rubber plug is missing.