NEETSTUFF.COM has been around for a long time, since 1998 actually, but around 2008 it was put in vacation mode while we shut down the 3 remaining Brick and Mortar shops to reconfigure them. 

A couple of years later when we decided to reopen the website but being very aware and observing how much had actually changed in the virtual world we decided to adapt to the new marketplace. 

Since we saw no advantage in re-opening and hosting our own web shop at that time, and, with the demise of Amazon Z-Shops, our 3 Google shops and the useless mess that ebay had become. We noticed that Etsy had in the meantime become "the go to" vintage destination. So, a decade ago we opened NEETORAMA but after only a couple of years the scope of our vision became limited there, and we'd run out of categories to use, we added QUALITY COMICS OF AMERICA. And when that also became too limited we added EPHEMARAMA.  

We see that as the marketplace continues to evolve and with some caution and a bit of anticipation it became paramount that we also had to reopen the main NEETSTUFF.com to reconcile the entirety of what we envision. 

We want you to understand that although many many items listed on NEETSTUFF.com are the same as the ones on display on etsy WE OFTEN LIST THE ITEMS ON OUR ETSY SHOPS  FIRST.  Mostly because our etsy shops are really successful! 

We are trying to address this disparity in timing by creating the  "JUST IN" Collection to display the most current listing additions. MEANWHILE... TAP OR CLICK ON THE SECTIONS BELOW TO YOU VISIT OUR ETSY SATELLITE SHOPS...