BEATLEmania! The BEATLES, Abbey Road, Guitar Chords, Songbook,John Lennon,Yoko Ono,Paul McCartney,George Harrison,Ringo Starr

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The BEATLES "Abbey Road"
Songbook of Beatles Sheet Music
Published by Charles Hansen
First Edition

I place it's publication at 1969 and seems would be an ideal mate to the "Beatles Complete" book at that time which we have listed also. Additionally there are lots of photos of the Beatles in color and black and white. Most interesting are the John Lennon ink sketches (bag 1 period) to illustrate several of the songs lyrics. NO POSTER..its gone.

This will come in handy I suppose when we are no longer able to access the internet and we need to know the notes and chords, oh well, sometimes the old technology is more accessible and archival.

PLEASE NOTE (pun obvious) that book is in "piano/vocal" format but does include guitar chords and chord diagrams.

See scanned images of Table of Contents to see song list.

▲ GOOD..."A little rough around the edges" to say the least, anyway there is the usual associated softness and wear from being handled, read and stored for many years. Interior pages are in very good condition, while the covers are worn, with creases and wear to edges and spine. Tape and price tag residue on covers.

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