Swinging Sixties MOD White Vinyl Harley Davidson Motorcycle Jacket Emma Peel Marianne Faithful look

$ 350.00

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For that "Girl on the Motorcycle" vintage 60's Mod look and feel. SMALL!
Thick, plushy vinyl (imitation leather)

Shoulders are 15" to 17" across (vinyl does stretch)
From back of collar to bottom edge is 27"
front chest zipper is 19" (so you can imagine length of front of jacket)
sleeves- 25"
Guessing it's a size 38 mens.
There is a small fixable issue inside left sleeve @ zipper where part of the zippers cloth edge has separated a small bit from vinyl.
Some minor visible wear from age as well as a couple of easily cleanable scuff marks.

Overall an amazing jacket and true representative of the era that inspired it.