Complete CRUMB Comics #13 SNOID My Trouble with Women Part 1 1st Editiion 1st Printing Fantagraphics Softcover R Robert Crumb Underground

$ 19.99

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The Complete CRUMB Comics Vol 13

Season of the SNOID & My Trouble with Women Part 1

Publisher: Fantagraphics Books,

Softcover Illustrated with French flaps

8 1/2" X 11"

CONDITION is LIKE NEW with mild surface wear from being read, handled, stored & moved. Book itself is clean solid and tight.

Vol. 13 showcases the late 1970s, when Crumbs character the Snoid first appeared. That Crumb creation is a devilish imp, all id and no conscience, that some say is an alter ego of Crumb. Other highlights here include early collaborations with the late Harvey Pekar and a color section of covers Crumb drew for records by old-time blues and jazz musicians that beautifully convey his nostalgia for Americas musical past. It also includes one of Crumbs most acclaimed works, A Short History of America, whose 12 panels chart the nations progress or deterioration from unspoiled pastoral landscape to a strip mall wasteland. Crumbs brother Maxon, whom viewers of the documentary film Crumb will remember as an impecunious yogi who sleeps on a bed of nails, contributes an idiosyncratic introduction offering a unique perspective on Roberts early years. 26 pages of color; black-and-white comics throughout


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