Warren Presents #2 Future World Comix Magazine Richard Corben, Esteban Maroto, Gray Morrow, Alex Niño, Tom Sutton, Ramon Torrents,Budd Lewis

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Warren Presents Future World Comix

By Various

Publisher: Warren Publishing Company

#2. cover: Larry Todd (Sept. 1978) reprinted from Eerie #33 (May 1971)

1) Starvisions [Larry Todd] 6p reprinted from Eerie #33 (May 1971)

2) Mates [Doug Moench/Esteban Maroto] 8p reprinted from Creepy #64 (Aug. 1974)

3) Incident In The Beyond! [Archie Goodwin/Gray Morrow] 6p reprinted from Creepy #3 (June


4) Behold The Cybernite! [Rich Margopoulos/Tom Sutton] 8p reprinted from Creepy #46 (July


5) Taking Of Queen Bovine [Gerry Boudreau/Ramon Torrents] 8p reprinted from Eerie #81

(Feb. 1977)

6) Hunter 3 [Jim Stenstrum/Alex Nino] 8p reprinted from Eerie #87 (Oct. 1977)

7) Within You…Without You [Bruce Jones/Richard Corben] 10p reprinted from Eerie #77 (Sept.


8) The Argo Standing By! [Budd Lewis/Paul Neary] 10p reprinted from Creepy #73 (Aug. 1975)

The Warren Presents title had a very convoluted history (see The Warren Companion for the complete information) with four issues appearing as one-shots before the series was given a title. Twelve of the issues were composed of reprinted comics with each issue having a separate, unique title but the remaining two were composed of text reprints from Famous Monsters. The magazine followed no regular schedule, sometimes appearing annually, sometimes with two issues at once and sometimes a full year or more between issues. The irony was that in the latter issues these reprint magazines {due to cherrypicking good stories} were often better than any of the regular magazines’ runs. Based on the 1977 original publication dates for three of the stories contained within, this debut issue probably came out in Oct. or Nov. 1977. Publisher: James Warren. Editor: Nicola Cuti with Louise Jones listed as senior editor.

IMPORTANT NOTE on the quality of printing of most Warren Magazines: There's really not much. Jim Warren basically used the cheapest materials, paper, cover stock and ink he could find. And I understand he didn't pay the creators who worked for him any better. Be that as it may, please understand how difficult it is to find a perfectly clean or pristine copy of most Warren mags. I used to sell these magazines in my shop in the 70's and 80's straight from the printers and they were often bent, creased, warped upon delivery. The ink is really bad and it was virtually impossible to touch, read or only thumb thru one of these magazines without smearing the ink or leaving fingerprints on the cover. BE AWARE these issues being offered are pretty darn good for vintage Warren mags. But they usually have some smudge, crease or tell-tale sign of being a printed by Warren. PLEASE refer to images carefully and if you have any additional questions contact me.

▲ LIKE NEW VG+/-FINE CONDITION, with the usual surface wear & slight rubbing to covers from book being handled, read and stored.

▲ Please refer to scanned images- they are accurate and have not been edited or corrected and, as always, are worth at least a thousand words.

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