League of Extraordinary Gentlemen #4 Vol 2,Alan Moore,Kevin O’Neil,Victorian,Martian Invasion,Dr Jekyll,Mr Hyde,Mina Harker,Alan Quartermain

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The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Vol 2

By Alan Moore,Kevin O’Neil

Publisher: America’s Best Comics

A barebones description of this series is enough to make any literature major drool with glee. Take a handful of fictional heroes from the Victorian era, populate their world with bizarre and obscure literary references, and throw in a Martian invasion. It’s hard to summarize the scope of this series in a few short words. The first series, excellent as it was, dealt with the formation of the group and development of personalities. With that background info all out of the way, the League can get down to business.

Four issues into the run, the Martians are just one of the impositions threatening to destroy our favorite group. Deception and betrayal, coupled with the pining rage of Mr. Hyde and a somewhat strenuous relationship, are all tugging at the frail threads which hold this ragtag band together.

Moore’s cinematic writing style is extremely evident. He has a knack for constructing interesting and complex storylines, but (unlike many writers) also strings them together in a fluid, flowing motion. Scenes interact with each other brilliantly, combining two moods seamlessly together. Check out the scene in #4, wherein Hyde’s raging bashes are interplayed with the burgeoning (and frantic) romance between Mina Harker and Alan Quartermain. Effects like this can’t be purchased with any Hollywood budget.

With a major film to be released this summer and a third series already planned, there’s no doubt that the League is a force to reckon with (both economically and literally). With all the hype surrounding these projects, it would be easy to have shattered expectations. Thankfully, Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neil are at the helm, and they have yet to disappoint. — Scott Semet

It is 1898, and there are strange rumblings in the sky. Flashing lights dance across the horizon. The Martians are coming...and the Earth will never be the same. Extra bonus feature: A travel guide of fantastic proportions! Presenting a visitors' guide to some of the world's strangest places - a magical mystery tour unlike any other!

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