GRENDEL #3 2nd Series Christine Spar Matt Wagner Beowulf Arnold & Jacob Pander Brothers Comico Martial Arts Ninja Cult Comics

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By Matt Wagner

Comico Comics


Used. FINE+/-NM "Newstand Mint" Condition with the typical & average wear to covers from being read, handled and storage. Please refer to images and inspect them carefully. Our images are never tweaked or "corrected" Additional scans or pictures available.

In the ancient story of Beowulf, Grendel was a monster in human form who would sneak inside in the dead of night to slaughter Beowulf’s men. He was said to be a descendent of Cain—and the very personification of evil.

Matt Wagner borrows from that ancient story in creating his own Grendel for the modern age. To those who oppose him, Grendel is the devil himself: mysterious, deadly, and cunning beyond words. The mere mention of his name is enough to cause the faces of men to turn pale. If not evil personified, Wagner’s Grendel is the very spirit of vengeance. Cross him at your peril.

"Devil's Lash" is written by Matt Wagner with art by Arnold and Jacob Pander. Inks by Rich Rankin. When dealing with foes as dangerous as a homicidal kabuki with mad kung fu skills, one needs to learn how to control one's emotions. That's easier said than done, however, for Christine Spar whose son Anson was kidnapped and maimed by the killer Tujiro XIV. Chris took the identity of the infamous Grendel with one goal in mind: revenge on Tujiro. But discipline is needed to win this kind of fight and overheated emotions cloud judgement.

Christine survives one surprise encounter with the mad kabuki and his goons and finds she needs to seek shelter at the apartment of Brian, a man she has been attracted to for some time. Making up a story about a mugging, Chris convinces Brian not to contact the police, which is a good thing since Grendel is high on Captain Wiggins' "most wanted" list. And now that Wiggins has enlisted Argent the man-wolf to aid him, Grendel must be even more careful than before!

Title: Devil's Lash: Chapter 3

Featuring: Grendel

Synopsis: Chris battles Yoshi, Niccolo, and Tujiro in hotel room; she loses and retreats to Brian giving him a mugger story; she later follows and kills Yoshi; she witnesses Tujiro and an eight-year-old boy, Tujiro is a vampire!; killing of Yoshi alerts to the Gren

Character Appearances: Grendel (Christine Spar); Regina Anastasi; Tujiro XIV; Argent; Brian Li Sung; Yoshi Onagawa; Niccolo; Captain Wiggins (in the shadows)

Credits: Matt Wagner (Script), Arnold Pander; Jacob Pander (Pencils), Rich Rankin (Inks), Tom Vincent (Colors)


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