DOOM PATROL #3, DC Comics, Archive Editions, 1st Printing, Arnold Drake,Robotman, Negative Man, Elasti-Girl,The Challengers of the Unknown

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DOOM PATROL Vol 3, DC Comics Archive Hardcover Series
By Arnold Drake with Bruno Premiani and Bob Brown

They were outcast heroes, bound together by fate, led by their mysterious, wheelchair-bound Chief: Robotman, Elasti-Girl, Negative Man and Beast Boy. Their strange powers made them the object of fear

The DOOM PATROL was certainly one of the more unusual and most fondly remembered of DCs 1960s titles with more of a focus on the personality of the characters themselves. In this third volume we see a new unofficial member, a wedding and a very early DC crossover with The Challengers of the Unknown!

Arnold Drake may try too hard to imitate the breeziness of Marvel auteur Stan Lee, but the results, never taking themselves too seriously, are fun and the perfect fit with Artist Bruno Premiani's clean, clear style. These stories introduce the young superhero Beast Boy, who went on to greater fame as one of the New Teen Titans, who rivaled the X-Men in popularity in the 1980s.

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