BAT LASH 3, Western Pacifist Cowboy Hero, Nick Cardy,Sergio Aragonés,Denny O’Neil,Sheldon Mayer, DC Comics, Old West Satire

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May 1969
Published by DC Comics, New York
Western Cowboy Hero, by Nick Cardy, Sergio Aragonés, Denny O’Neil, Sheldon Mayer

Introduced in Showcase #76, Bat Lash soon moved into this short-lived solo series in 1969. It was that rarest of all modern genres, a Western comic adventure series.

Bartholomew "Bat" Aloysius Lash is a fictional Western character in the DC Universe. A self-professed pacifist, ladies' man, and gambler was a no-good drifter, gambler, and gunslinger. He was also quite the dandy, and was noted for the goofy-looking daisy he wore in his ten gallon hat. He would travel from town to town, inevitably getting himself up to his neck in trouble. It was only though his quick wit (and the help of his many lady friends) that he escaped whatever disaster he had brought on himself.

In 1968, Carmine Infantino, newly installed editorial director of DC Comics, and his editor, Joe Orlando, came up with the name and basic premise of the loner whose family had been wiped out by murderous thugs, and then brought in Sheldon Mayer (former DC editor and creator of Sugar and Spike) and Sergio Aragonés to further flesh out the concept. Shelly Mayer would write the first appearance (Showcase #76). Infantino claimed to have greatly rewritten it. The assignment was then handed to Aragonés, with Denny O'Neil doing the dialog over Aragonés' plots, and Nick Cardy providing the art. Issues were produced in a variation of the full script method. First, Aragonés would create a plot in thumbnail sketch form, then O'Neil would write the dialog, and last came Cardy's finished art

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