STAR TREK, Planet Ecnal's Dilemma, Whitman Coloring Book, 1978 Paramount Pictures, NBC-TV SF Series, B

$ 25.00

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STAR TREK, Planet Ecnal's Dilemma, 1978 Paramount Pictures,
Publisher: Whitman Coloring Book,  western Publishing Co
™ and ©1966 1978 Paramount Pictures 

Based on the now classic cult  NBC-TV SF Series created by Gene Roddenberry. Starring William Shatner as Captain Kirk and Leonard Nimoy as Spock.

VERY GOOD+/-FINE CONDITION, with the usual surface wear & slight rubbing to covers from book being handled, read and stored. Only 2 pages are colored in and  both of them are just Kirk...then I guess the kid got bored.  A bit of damage to front cover around the Whitman logo by someone who didn't know how to remove a price sticker.

Please refer to scanned images- they are accurate and have not been edited or corrected and, as always, are worth at least a thousand words.

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