MATTEL, Secret Agent Zero M, Pocket-Shot, Toy Knife, 60s, James Bond, 007, Man from UNCLE, Mod Era, Spy Fi, Transformer, Toy GUN

$ 25.00

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Hey I'm one of those gun control nuts but I never had a problem with toy guns and let my kids play with them if they wanted to until they grew tired of them. Today it's harder to buy a toy gun than a real one- isn't that bizarre?

Regardless, this is a nice 60's era Mod era toy when everything SPY and James Bond and The Man from U.N.C.L.E. was ultra cool. This is one of those "other" brands that some of us could afford since the licenced ones were a tad expensive.

Additionally this is a typical example of the beginning of the Transformer concept that would captivate the world in decades to come.

Overall in decent condition although SOMETIMES the pistol barrel will not stay retracted inside the pocket knife body. I don't think anything is missing just probably played with too much. I'm sure the mechanically inclined among you can figure out some work around if you need to or think it's important.

Still a nice vintage toy gun from the time when people still glorified war and spy craft, didn't equate a pistol with sexual prowess or the lack there of... all you need is a roll of caps (man I miss the smell of them).
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