TRANSFORMERS, SNARL Desert Warrior,Original G1 1985 Autobot,Dinobot,Diaclone Takara,Die Cast Plastic transforming Stegosaurus,Hasbro

$ 299.00

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Original G1 1985 Dinobot
Die Cast Plastic transforming Dinosaur

1985 Hasbro

Toy is Die Cast & Plastic. Transforming Dinosaur

Previously played with but in remarkable condition. I am rating it as Very Fine to NM in Good box. See image.

Snarl is one of the members of the Autobot sub-group called the Dinobots led by Grimlock. He turns into a robotic Stegosaurus.

The toy that became Snarl was originally part of the Diaclone toy from Takara.

Snarl is an Autobot who grudgingly follows the orders of Dinobot leader Grimlock and leaves the thinking to others. He's generally unhappy and a loner. His uncommunicative nature adds to his alienation. Only battle can elevate his spirits. Few of his comrades experience the joyous heights that Snarl attains in mortal combat. Snarl was made on earth.

His unique design makes Snarl useful in sunny, arid environments. Large golden plates protrude from his spinal assembly and act as solar collectors. Although he can operate without sunlight, it increases his strength tenfold and his endurance to a virtually limitless degree. A swipe of his tail can shatter a 20-foot concrete cube. His heavily armored hide makes him resistant to most missile fire.

Snarl's dependency on sunlight leaves him vulnerable to nighttime attack. He can use the same fuel the other Autobots use, at only a fraction of his strength. He is slow and his uncooperative behavior patterns sometimes hinder his effectivess in dangerous situations.

Snarl is unique among the Dinobots in that his head is not located near the head of his dinosaur mode. He is the only Dinobot without wings created from body panels. Instead his tail splits to form "wings" that are more like horns. In the animated series Snarl uses a sword instead of ranged weapons, although the toy comes with an Energo Sword, Electron Cannon rifle and a rocket pod. Snarl is one of the most powerful Dinobots and sometimes the strongest. (wiki)