Philip K Dick, BLADE RUNNER, H R Giger, ALIEN,Starlog 52, 1981, Harrison Ford,Ridley Scott,Star Wars, Star Trek,Heartbeeps,Swamp Thing

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Starlog #52, November 1981

FINE or better condition with a small, but typical, amount of the softness to corners, minor cover wear from being handled, read and storage.

Science Fiction & Fantasy media magazine featuring early "sneak peek" coverage of what would one day become lconsidered the Finest & GREATEST science fiction movie ever made. Ridley Scott (there is also an article on his Alien movie as well) focusing on artist H.R. Giger.

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Additional articles on William Shatner, Star Trek, STAR WARS, Andy Kaufman's bittersweet cult fave movie- HEARTBEEPS. Swamp Thing, TV's Mr. Merlin & Powers of Matthew Star and other then current SciFi related news items.

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