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Spotlighting some of the items we are offering for sale on the site by focusing mostly on the variety of Antique and Vintage Collectibles available here. If we have whetted your appetite for more Neet Stuff we encourage you to use the shop search function by key words: Name, Character, Creator,Type, Genre, Brand Name or Title or just go to COLLECTIONS to find items grouped by similarity or type.

We have been dishing up "NEET STUFF" since 1976 when we opened New Jersey's FIRST Comic Book and Science Fiction Bookstore. As you can tell we've branched out a lot into more hip "antique" items and mostly Mid-Century "Americana" POP CULTURE and hard to find and obscure items.

Remember we love to buy this stuff and we really do LOVE getting "Want Lists" (unlike most shops we do monitor and respond to inquiries) so please send questions and lists to us at: 

Thousands of more items available...Be Prepared!